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Winter Driving Skills Event 2019 - February 24th, 2019 Featured

BMW Club of Northern & Southern Alberta - Winter Driving Skills Event 2019

The purpose of the Winter Driving Skill Event is to provide an opportunity to experience the thrill of driving one's own vehicle (BMW or otherwise), using advanced driving techniques not teachable on the public roadway. Through our advanced driving schools, in a one-to- one instructor setting on a closed track. In-car instruction is supplemented by classroom sessions, and basic car-control exercises.

This is not a racing school. The term "track" is used because we use a facility that is either a purpose built race track or a temporary venue with strictly controlled access. A track provides a series of straights, braking areas, and corners, which can simulate those found in the outside world. For the winter - in Northern Alberta we use the ice race track at Roy's Lake, near Stony Plain, made by the Northern Alberta Sports Club.

Membership in a BMW or Porsche of Canada affiliated club is essential in order to participate in this event. Registration charges for the course, for someone who is not already a member of such a club, includes membership in the BMW or Porsche club of your choice. If already a member, thank you for your support.

All participants must present a valid driver's license. Vehicle Insurance? Our events have liability insurance but does not cover damage to your vehicle. Your own insurance policy may provide coverage but many policies exclude coverage for any loss or damage that happens at a track regardless of the type of event in which the vehicle is being used. We are not responsible for the loss or damage to your vehicle, nor is any other participant. ALL PRESENT WILL HAVE TO SIGN A WAIVER OF LIABILITY.


No restrictions on make or model or year of vehicle with the following exceptions; we will accept small and medium SUV's and Crossover type vehicles, but no pickup trucks of any kind nor large SUV's. Convertibles, cabriolets and open top cars by any other name are not permitted unless equipped with roll over protection located immediately behind the driver and passengers seats. Rollowver protection means either a factory -installed structure fixed in place or automatically deploys in case of a rollover, or a roll bar or roll cage approved in advance with documentation, by a technical inspector affilliated with any of the following sanctioning bodies: WCMA, SCCA, NASA, IMSA, ICSCC, CACC, ANS CANADA FIA, PCA, BMWCCA.

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